Guelph Administrative Law

Are you looking for an administrative lawyer in Guelph that provides clients with a highly bespoke and attentive legal defense? Congratulations because you’re in the right place!

Our administrative law practice handles representing clients before administrative tribunals. We assist our clients through investigations initiated by the regulators and government and starting applications for judicial review of administrative decisions. Our Guelph lawyers have a wide range of expertise defending individuals and businesses throughout every stage of administrative proceedings. That includes hearings and appeals before judicial reviews and administrative tribunals.

We are enthusiastic advocates for clients in this practice area. However, we are also strategic decision-makers and thinkers. Our focus is on establishing cost-effective and creative solutions to administrative and public law concerns wherever possible, as an alternative to potentially costly and protracted litigation.

We also offer unbiased opinions on the chance and cost of success for a judicial review or appeal due to our expertise in this area. We have had past success with appellate litigation, judicial review, and appeals, while results are not 100% guaranteed. We make sure we stay in tune, along with modern legislative changes and developments, to make sure we’re always prepared to serve our clients within this area.

License Appeal Tribunal

A specific sub-field of our administrative law practice is our expertise in appearing before as well as appealing decisions to the License Appeal Tribunal. We habitually appear before this tribunal on a wide array of regulatory matters such as appeals, orders, and licensing. Our Guelph law firm also has a familiarity with the adjudicators and process.

The client we represent is composed of professionals, employers of license holders, license holders, businesses, and individuals. We keep relationships along with regulators, and we work very closely with them so we can accomplish positive outcomes for our clients.

Accustomed To Your World

You need to understand the modifications around the world and how they could impact your business. That’s true, especially in a world with growing compliance and regulation requirements. Our global network of business law experts is actively engaged with vital regulatory departments as well as industry organizations across the world.

We help our clients stay updated and advance proposed regulatory changes with key decision-makers by harnessing the power of such relationships. Our Guelph legal team provides the vital professional preparation required to represent administrative clients, which appear before these tribunals.

Our administrative law team represents adjudicative panels, members, and regulators in professional discipline matters. Our Guelph lawyers:

  •   represent members who are subject to complaints in their profession
  •   offer counsel and support to discipline panels tasked with making decisions and running hearings
  •   help regulators in prosecuting professional discipline cases

Are you experiencing a disciplinary proceeding? Are you currently seeking for efficient and experienced representation? Make sure you call our law firm today for a free consultation. We will assess your situation, counsel you of your respective rights, and talk about how we would protect you against disciplinary action.

You’ll be able to decide if we are the perfect administrative law firm for you after speaking with one of our expert and professional administrative attorneys.