Guelph Employment Law

The employment law experts at our Guelph law firm are skilled and experienced in every aspect of employment law. We counsel and represent both employees and employers on an array of cases, including Settle Agreements, workplace grievances, and tribunals.

Our Guelph lawyers are flexible in offering the service you require, whether that’s representation in court or continuous advisory service. No matter what your case is, we’ll listen to you and work with you to accomplish the best result.

For Employees

Our employment law experts have a proven track record in working with workers from a wide array of industries. We know the effects that a difficulty in the workplace could have on your personal life. That’s why we strive to make the entire process as clear as possible. We will help you understand how we’re working towards the ideal result.

Our Guelph employment law services for employees encompass situations, which could come throughout your employment. We could recommend you the ideal way to approach concerns like discrimination, harassment, and disciplinaries. Our employment law experts are well-acquainted with the complexities workers encounter when they have to raise a formal protest or defend disciplinary action.

We also offer services for workers who have been provided a Settlement Agreement or those who like to bring their case to an Employment Tribunal. During those situations, we will help you know the proceedings and will offer legal representation when needed.

For Employers

Our Guelph lawyers also provide a series of services to organizations. Our lawyers can offer assistance on one-off cases, but we can also work with you continuously. Are you a small business? We can efficiently play as your complete HR department. If you’re a bigger business, we provide continuous assistance from our team of employment lawyers as well as HR professionals.

We also provide training on subjects such as dealing with workplace bullying, dealing with poor performance, and equality of opportunities. The goal of our employment law team is to present your business with useful, commercially-sound support on employment and HR matters.

Why Should You Work With Our Guelph Law Firm

Our employment law attorneys take the time to get to know the individuals and organizations we support. We work very closely with our clients to collaborate with them and determine how best to make personalized commercial and practical solutions.

We pride ourselves on aiming to add value by working with our clients to develop practices procedures and solutions, which are bespoke to their businesses, their people, and their strategy. We also understand that the majority of clients like to prevent disputes with their workers. We are experienced and creative in using collaborative dispute and mediation resolution methods were needed to bring every party to a resolution.

Our Guelph legal team has comprehensive experience and skills in advising on each aspect of employment law, incentives, immigration, and benefits. We also represent clients in high-value corporate transactions, complicated proceedings, as well as complex investigations. We support a broad spectrum of clients to create and execute best practices for their workplaces.