Guelph Real Estate Law

When real estate requires legal assistance, there is only one leading law firm in Canada – and that is our leading Guelph law firm. Whether it is about leasing, building, selling, or buying real estate properties, you can trust our real estate lawyers in Guelph to help you with the legalities.

As a trusted and experienced law firm we take pride in providing our expertise in the following real estate areas:

Buying and Selling Properties

Whether you are selling or purchasing industrial, commercial, agricultural, or even residential real estate, our law firm is always here, ready to help. Let one of our legal team to help you with the following:

  •   Legal advice on terms of Agreement of Purchase and Sale contract
  •   Do appropriate searches on possible hindrances that may be included with this particular property
  •   Assist on the needed requirements for transfers for a condominium unit
  •   Guide you when it comes to zoning and other issues with the use of the land
  •   Prepare transfer documents and register mortgage
  •   Check whether GST will apply on to your real estate transaction
  •   Receive and disburse the money needed for the transfer of property

In our years of legal experience in connection to Guelph real estate practice, we highly advise you to seek legal advice first before completing any document related to sell or purchase of the property. Also, be wary of straightforward transactions involving real estate. No matter how promising the offer, maybe, it is still best to ask it from the legal expert. Our experienced lawyers in Guelph are  always ready to listen to your queries and will immediately respond to your legal needs.


When it comes to leasing real estate properties, we, at our law firm, have extensive experience in providing our legal service that concerns real estate. Whether you the landlord or the tenant of a commercial or residential real estate, we are confident that we will help you understand the ins and outs and the legalities involved in leasing. Our legal team will assist you in preparing the documents needed.

We can also help in negotiations that involve reviewing the existing lease, preparing for its renewal, terminating or amending the lease agreements, or just about the terms that you have for that lease. As your real estate lawyer, we can advise you according to your rights and obligations a stated in the Residential Tenancy Act as well as to represent you when there is a dispute.

Land Development and Condominium Plans

As a land developer, we know that there will always be lots of issues that you will meet along the way. These issues may arise when there is a transfer of lands, registration of condominium plans and subdivision, getting development approval, negotiating with builders about sales agreements, and others. When it comes to land development projects involving commercial real estate, it would be better to seek legal advice from only the best real estate lawyers in Canada.

Why Choose Us?

When it is about handling real estate transactions, whether it is residential, commercial, or agricultural, it is advisable to seek advice from the expert.  When a real estate property is involved with the talks, things are not that as easy. There are so many things that needed to be considered as well as purchasing or selling such property involves technicalities. We, at our law firm, we are confident that our legal team can help you no matter what issues you have. So when it comes to real estate, whether buying, developing, or selling, you can always call  us and set an appointment with some of the best Guelph lawyers.